Places You Should Go When Sampling Melbourne’s Nightlife

When visiting a new city for the first time, we are interested in knowing the psyche or the whole being of the place and usually the hints are dropping right on our places. The culture, the people, the food, the arts, the history, the architecture these combined forms a Gestaltic picture of the place. But there is another thing that’s missing from these criteria, the nightlife. The nightlife is as synonymous and as vital as the aforementioned categories and reflects the unwinding side of the city and how do its denizens relax at night. Contratry to popular belief when the word “nightlife” is dropped, pictures of lights, smoke, dancing, drinking and partying is the first to mar the mind but this is not for everyone. The great thing is that Melbourne offers an expansive nightlife that caters to everyone’s personality and taste. Call that chauffeur service and get ready to paint the town red in style.

Laugh the Night Away: Comic Lounge and the Last Laugh at the Comedy Club

Now this is a different take on Nightlife. Sure everyone wants to get hammered and passed out drunk and they have fun doing it, but don’t you like to get passed out drunk while laughing your underwear off? Welcome to the Comedy Capital of Australia, in a place where the Melbourne Comedy Festival is held annually, humor comes second nature to Melburnians. And these two places is where the best stand up comedians in all of Australia flex those muscles. David Strassman and Wendy Harmer are staples at Last Laugh. The great thing is that customers can choose to have dinner or a drink (or two or more!) while watching the show. And don’t worry this place is famed for having a full stock of all the drinks you’ll need from beer to spirits to wine and even cocktails. Comic Lounge in the other hand offers enourmous seating (good for 450 persons!) and runs 6 days a week and has all the funniest Aussie celebs under their roof. Even with gigantic capacity, it feels very spacey and it was designed so that every table can see the stage clearly. Piece of advice? Don’t make eye contact though as the acts are known for pulling out audiences out of their seats for one big improv. Continue reading this and to have an idea about their services that they will cover your needs when it comes to car services.

Foodie Paradiso: Liquid Bar Cafe Lounge and Hairy Canary

Ok, get your taste buds ready, because we’re going for a culinary adventure. This two places might be really designed for the usually drink, dance, grind, rave thing but that doesn’t mean your tongue won’t remember the thing you’ve eaten the night before. Presenting the clubs known not for just cool vibe but for extremely amazing food. Hairy Canary as eclectic as its sounds also transcends to the nature of the place. It’s the personification of yin and yang. Able to mix a café and bar at the same time, imagine nerdy hipsters sipping coffee on one side, and party girls grinding it on the other. Its also one of those places where right after you get extremely drunk and is needing for a post-party meal just go to the other side and they’ll happily served some breakfast. The menu is Spanish themed so expect a lot of paellas, seafood, salads, and their specialty pizza. Drinks include cocktails, beer, spirits and wine.

The Liquid Bar Café Lounge does not veer away from Hairy Canary’s roots but does a different take on it. This place is located in the docks and is known as a trendy hotspot as the fashion flock and the elite set go here to just chill and unwind. And the interiors are to die for as it exemplifies luxe and is very much luscious and plush. The menu is famed for being so extensive in the whole of Melbourne, it boasts of 20 different kinds of tapas, pasta dishes, salads, steaks, chops and a whole collection of drinks that’s very nifty and cool from Chardonnay to Irish coffee.